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Sanitary Ware - Indoor & Outdoor Tiles - Bathroom Furniture - Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets - Cabinets - Xanthi


ARVANITIDIS MARMI has been trading tiles and sanitary ware since 1954. Thanks to our continuous dedication to the sector, we are able to provide high quality services that meet the needs and demands of our customers.

We have excellent materials and can recommend the best solution for every need, be it private or professional. We aim to always offer the highest quality service and use specialist design programs to ensure the successful completion of your work.

In our exhibition, you will find a wide range of cladding materials.
Visit us to guide you and discover what materials are needed for a modern home or business space, always based on the trends of modern aesthetics.






1954-2020 Uninterrupted presence of 66 years. Award of our company by the Xanthi Chamber. Proud thrill recognition!!





ARVANITIDIS MARMI is a proud sponsor of the Xanthi Boy Scouts basketball team, and is committed to supporting the local community and sports in the area.